Gladiator Inter School Scrabble:BVS Parsi High School dominated top positions


Karachi(Cliff News)The 21st Gladiator Inter School Scrabble Championship 2020, hosted 1500+ participants at BVS Parsi School.BVS Parsi High School dominated most of the top positions.
The ten age categories that were hosted on both the days involved children ranging from 6 – 23 divided into the following age brackets:
Category “A” (Players born on or after 1-Jan-2012 & 31 Dec 2013)
Category “B” (Players born between 1-Jan-2011 & 31 Dec 2011)
Category “C” (Players born between 1-Jan-2010 & 31 Dec 2010)
Category “D” (Players born between 1- Jan-2009 & 31 Dec 2009)
Category “E” (Players born between 1-Jan-2008 & 31 Dec 2008)
Category “F” (Players born between 1-Jan-2007 & 31 Dec 2007)
Category “G” (Players born between 1-Jan-2006 & 31 Dec 2006)
Category “H” (Players born between 1-Jan-2005 & 31 Dec 2005)
Category “I” (Players born between 1-Jan-2003 & 31 Dec 2004)
Category “J” (Players born between 1-Jan-1997 & 31 Dec 2002)

Five rounds were played in each category and the first three categories were won by BVS. While the fourth and fifth were won by Beacon house and Mama Parsi Girls respectively. Happy Home did bag a lot of accolades but could not finish on the top of any category after day one. Day two featured players not only from Karachi but from areas like Quetta, Badin, Lahore etc as well. There was no specific school that won more than one category and the J division was by far dominated by Quetta’s players as well. The Happy Home School still could not manage to win a single category.
The summarized results are as follows
Category A
• 1st Position: Ali Fahad – BVS Parsi High School
• 2nd Position: AmsalPunjwani – Saint Michael’s Convent School
• 3rd Position: Luksh Kumar – BVS Parsi High School
Category B
• Position 1: Ahmed Hussain Khan-BVS Parsi high School
• Position 2: Muhammad NafayMansoori- BVS Parsi high School
• Position 3: Mirza MohidAyas- Happy Home
Category C
• Position 1: Muhammad Fawaz Ahmed – BVS Parsi high School
• Position 2: Syed Maaz Hassan Faridi – BVS Parsi high School
• Position 3: Misha Muzammil-Happy Home
Category D
• Position 1: Huzaifa Faisal – Beaconhouse School System
• Position 2: SyedaHazila Rizwan-Mama Parsi Girls
• Position 3: Mir Salal Ahmed-Arts and Science Academy
Category E
• Position 1: SyedaAtika Fatima-Mama Parsi Girls
• Position 2: ManhamahMukarram- Happy Home
• Position 3: Rao Muhammad Khawer- Happy Home


Category F
• Position 1: Muhammad Aun Murtaza BVS-Parsi High School
• Position2:Ibrahim Kashif Shamim-Generation’s School
• Position3:Moviz Abdul Jabbar-Arts & Science Academy
Category G
• Position 1: SehaanOwais-Army Public School – Saddar
• Position 2:Zulfiqar Ali Quraishi BVS Parsi High School
• Position3:Mustafa-Pentagon Academy – Quetta
Category H
• Position 1:Burhanuddin Mandsorewala-Jaffar Public School
• Position 2: Monis Muhammad Qureshi-Happy Home School
• Position3:Abdul Haseeb Baig-Happy Home School
Category I
• Position1: Rumaisa Waseem-Generation’s School
• Position2:Abdullah Ayoob-Army Public School – Badin
• Position3:Muhammad Ali Jawwad-BVS Parsi High School
Category J
• Position 1:Syed Muhammad Saqlain-BYSA – Quetta
• Position 2: Abdullah Amir-Happy Home School
• Position 3: Abbas Ali-BYSA – Quetta
Day two of the prize winners interestingly featured prize-winners from Quetta, Badin and Lahore as well clearly showing that Scrabble is being promoted in all corners of Pakistan actively. Sarfaraz Ahmed (Captain of Quetta Gladiators) gave out the trophies to the winners.Mr. Ansar Burney was day one’s chief guest.Former Pakistan’s test cricketers, Sohail Khan and Khurram Manzoor made a special appearance while Mr. Nadeem Omar(Owner of Quetta Gladiators) and Sarfaraz Ahmed came as chief guests on day two.All the top three prize winners were awarded with souvenirs and a gift hamper from Dollar. Moreover, the players who won the first prize are also given with the VIP passes of the opening game of the PSL and will also be invited on the official dinner of with the players and officials of Quetta Gladiators on 18th February. The players coming between 4-10 place were also given wth medals as well.

WESPA Youth Cup Scrabble Championship started in KualaLumpur


KualaLumpur(Cliff News) WESPA Youth Cup (WYC); formerly known as World Youth Scrabble Championship started in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.Known to be the toughest youth tournament in the world the 2019 edition features well over 200 players from 20 countries.As in every previous WYC the defending champion had a terrible opening day. Syed Imaad Ali was visibly tired and jelagged after a 40 hour journey from England and suffered three shock defeats on the opening day.Pakistan overall had a very good day with Saim Waqar holding the flag aloft with 7 wins out of 7 games played today.The Canadian/Thai boy Tarin Pairor, one of the favorites to win this year was on top at the end of the day with 7 wins and a spread of 1064. He is followed by another favorite and the runner up of 2017 and 2018 Janul De Silva of Sri Lanka also on 7 wins while Saim Waqar is one of the only three player who remained unbeaten throughout the day.Hasham Hadi Khan is currently 4th with 6 wins while Sohaib Sanaullah is 6th with 6 wins. Hasham also made the highest game score of the championship so far with 688.Overall Pakistan is on top among countries with 3 of its players in the top 6 at the moment.Usman Shaukat, Basil Khan, Ali Rashid, Aehzam Ahmed, Kamran Ahmed and Monis Khan all have 5 wins out of the 7 games played.11 matches are scheduled on the second day of the tournament.

Imaad Ali gatecrashed his way into the QF of World Scrabble Championship


Torquay(Cliff News)It was a historic day for Pakistan as the whiz kid Syed Imaad Ali gatecrashed his way into the quarter finals of the World Scrabble Championship at Torquay, England becoming the first ever Pakistani player to do so.Imaad who became the youngest ever Junior World Scrabble Champion only days ago also become the youngest quarter finalist in history of the World Scrabble Championships.Imaad’s opponent in the quarter final is Nigel Richards who is nicknamed the GOAT (greatest of all times) in a game billed as the GOAT vs the Kid.

The other quarter finalist are

David Eldar (Australia) vs Dave Wiegand (USA)
Harshan Lamabadusuriya (England) vs Peter Armstrong (USA)
Paul Gallen (Northern Ireland) vs Jason Keller (USA)

The division B was completely dominated by the young Pakistani players in a way that the top five positions were occupied by Pakistani players.The first position kept changing hands between the Hadi twins until finally Hammad Hadi finished on top at the end of round 35. His twin brother Hassan Hadi had the same number of wins (27) and a slightly lesser spread.It is the first instance of two brothers finishing at 1st and 2nd in the World Scrabble Championship.Daniyal Sanaullah finished 3rd and Taha Mirza 4th while the 12 year old Monis Khan managed to hold firm til the end to occupy the 5th position.This is also a unique instance in the world championship history that the top five positions were occupied by players from one country.

World Scrabble Championship:Imaad have a good chance to qualify for QF

London(Cliff News)New Zealand’s Nigel Richards stood firm on the third day of the World Scrabble Championship. The defending world champion has 21 wins and a spread of 2175.Paul Gallen of Northern Ireland had a good day that saw him climb to the 2nd spot with 19 wins while Dave Koening of USA continued to be in good form despite losing two games to the teenage sensation Imaad Ali. Koening ended day three on the 3rd spot.The story of the day was definitely the 13 year old Imaad Ali from Pakistan who stunned the world by beating one great player after another, Imaad proved his ice cold temperament by winning both the live telecast matches and earned praise from millions watching. Imaad is now on the 7th spot with a good chance of qualifying for the quarter finals.Pakistan’s ace Waseem Khatri finally got back into form and got into the quarter final position by finishing 6th at the end of day three. Moiz Baig slipped to 17th while young Sohaib Sanaullah is on 21st.The Division of the World Scrabble Championship continued to be dominated by the Shangrila Pakistan team although there was a stiffer competition from other countries on day three.The Hadi twins made the world championship look like a family affair. Hassan Hadi snatched the No. 1 spot from Taha Mirza with some impressive wins. He is now on 20 wins and a spread of 2408.As always the other twin Hammad Hadi has similar number of wins and is right next to his brother with a slightly lower spread.Taha Mirza is still fighting on and is standing firm on the 3rd spot with 19 wins while Daniyal Sanaullah occupied the 4th position with 19 wins.There was finally some competition from other countries as Omijeh Osas from Nigeria, Terry K. Rau from USA and Sapong Kwaku from Ghana got into the quarter final positions while little Monis Khan is still in the top 8.9 more games will be played tomorrow and the top eight from each division will qualify for the quarter finals.

World Scrabble Championship:Nigel Richards of NewZealand hold firm at second day

Torquay(CliffNews)The defending champion Nigel Richards of New Zealand continued to hold firm at the end of day-two of the World Scrabble Championship at Torquay, England.Richards has won 13 of the 17 matches played so far and maintains a spread of 1573.David Koening of USA in now 2nd with the equal number of wins and a spread of 693 while former world champion David Eldar of Australia is 3rd with 12 wins and a spread of 1293.The Pakistani players continued to be impressive among a pool of great players. At lease three of them climbed into the top ten at some time during the day.At the end of the day two the wonder boy Syed Imaad Ali who is also the youngest player in the premier division is tenth with 10 wins while Moiz Baig is 11th with the same number of wins.Division B of the World Scrabble Championship appears to be an all Pakistan affair with the Pakistani youngsters chalking up impressive wins against far more experienced players.Taha Mirza hit an incredible purple patch winning 12 games on the trot. Taha remained No. 1 throughout the day and ended day two on 14-3 with a spread of 1289.The second spot kept changing hands between the Hadi twins. As usual the twin brothers have an equal number of wins but Hassan Hadi is on 2nd due to a better spread while Hammad Hadi is 3rd.Daniyal Sanaullah after a poor start came back to his own later in the day ending at the 4th position. Daniyal also recorded the highest score of the championship with a massive 728 against Kara Twaits of England.Little Monis Khan staged a strong rally late in the day to snatch the 5th spot from Maureen Hoch of Israel.Omijeh Osas of Nigeria and James Wilkie of Scotland are the only players giving a stiff competition to the young players from Pakistan.

Syed Imaad Ali became youngest player to win Junior World Scrabble Championship


London(Cliff News)Pakistan’s wonder boy Syed Imaad Ali at 13, became the youngest player ever to win the Junior World Scrabble champion here at Torquay, England.Imaad remained in the lead right throughout the championship and was declared a champion with one match to go with a 17/3 record and a spread of 2159. He is only the second player in history to have won both the World Youth Scrabble Championship (now renamed WESPA Youth Cup) and the Junior World Scrabble Championship; the first one being compatriot Moiz Baig.Pakistan players dominated the championship throughout and walked away with a number of trophies as well as the top five positions.Daniyal Sanaullah capped a great tournament by winning the runner up trophy with 15 wins and a spread of 1335. Hassan Hadi finished third with 15 wins and a spread of 1024 while Sohaib Sanaullah and Hammad Hadi finished 4th and 5th respectively

Following are the age category titles

Under-18 World Champion, Taha Mirza (Pakistan)
Under-16 World Champion, Rory Kemp (England)
Under-14 World Champion, Saim Waqar (Pakistan)
Under-12 World Champion, Monis Khan (Pakistan)
Under-10 World Champion, Misbah ur Rehman (Pakistan)

Former world champion Brett Smitheram awarded trophies to the winners.

Pakistan Scrabble team announce for World Junior Championship


Karachi(Cliff News)Director Youth Program of Pakistan Scrabble Association Mr. Tariq Pervez announced the team for participation in the World Scrabble Championship and Junior World Scrabble Championship during a press conference today.Mr. Tariq informed that Pakistan is the defending champion and and overwhelming favorite to defend its title as there are no less than five players in the team that are in the running for the top slot.The team comprises of the following players
Hassan Hadi Khan

Hammad Hadi Khan

Sohaib Sanaullah

Daniyal Sanaullah

S. Imaad Ali

Taha Mirza

Saim Waqar

Usman Shaukat

Monis Khan

Misbah ur Rehman

Absar Mustajab

Noor Shaukat
The World Scrabble Championship will start a day later at the same venue. Pakistan’s No. 1 player Moiz Baig and No. 2 Waseem Khatri will join the team for the adults event.Addressing the press conference, Mr. Nadeem Omar, president of Karachi Cricket Association and himself a keen scrabble player expressed his sincere wishes to the team.The team is called Shangrila Pakistan team which will depart for London on Thursday night to take part in the championship that starts on November 16th at Torquay, England.

Saad Vohra declared “Player of the Month” announced by Pakistan Scrabble Association


Karachi(Cliff News)Youngster Saad Vohra was declared the winner of the “player of the month” award announced by Pakistan Scrabble Association for the month of October 2019.The award was announced by the Director Youth Program Mr. Tariq Pervez to encourage participation in the weekly scrabble games.The award is presented to the player that improved their game the most during the month and not based on the number of wins. This means that every player; new or experienced has an equal chance of winning the award. The improvement is measured by the rating points gained during a one month period using the international standard rating system.An unprecedented large number of players have been turning up for games every Friday at Beach Luxury hotel after the announcement of the award by Pakistan Scrabble Association.8 years old Saad Vohra gained 50 rating points in October to clinch the award. Mahrukh Zaim improved her rating by 45 points in october to clinch the second prize while Noor Shaukat finished 3rd after gaining 32 points in the same period.The winners were presented with cash and certificates.It must however be noted that a senior player Mr. Abdul Wahid gained 48 points and was 2nd in the list but he very kindly volunteered to pass on the award to the next player in the list in order to encourage a younger player.This gesture was appreciated by all the players.


Syed Imaad Ali won the Universal Trophy Scrabble Tournament

Karachi(Sports Reporter)The reigning youth world champion Syed Imaad Ali won the Universal Trophy Scrabble Tournament played at the Generation”s School South Campus.The tournament acted as the qualifier to pick the Pakistan team for the WESPA Youth Cup which is being played in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in November.Imaad who won the WESPA Youth cup last year has a great chance to become the first player in history to defend his title since he is only 14 years old and is eligible to play at least four more years before he turns 18.Imaad dominated proceedings on the second and final day in such a way that he was declared the winner with one match to go. Imaad finished the tournament with a 14-4 win record and a spread of 1710.Reigning national champion Hasham Hadi Khan finished second with 12 wins and a spread of 1004.Ali Rashid made a strong comeback on the second day to clinch the 3rd spot with a 11-7 record and a spread of 770 while Sohaib Sanaullah slipped to the 4th position with the same win record but a lower spread of 493.The rest of the top ten were Saim Waqar, Taha Mirza, Monis Khan, Basil Khan, Misbah ur Rehman and Hamza Naeem.In Division B Azlan Qazi dominated with 14 wins and a spread of 635 while Shan e Abbas was the runner up with 12 wins and Anas Farhan finished 3rd with 11 wins. 7 years old Bilal Asher stunned everyone by clinching a spot in the team while Kamran Ahmed took the 5th and final spot in the team from Division B.The chief guest Mr. Faisal Ashraf of Universal Cables distributed the prizes to the winners.The team will leave for Malaysia at the end of November to defend its title.

Universal Trophy Scrabble Tournament kicked off

Karachi(Sports Reporter)The Universal Trophy Scrabble Tournament kicked off at The Generation’s School, South Campus.This tournament serves as the qualifier for the WESPA Youth Cup that will be played at Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia in November. Pakistan is the defending champion of WESPA Youth Championship.Nine matches were played on the opening day. At the end of day one Sohaib Sanaullah was on top in Division A with 7 wins and a spread of 801.The reigning world youth champion S. Imaad Ali is currently second with 6 wins and a spread of 619 while the current national champion Hasham Hadi Khan is 3rd with 6 wins and a spread of 435.Basil Khan, Ali Rashid, Monis Khan, Usman Shaukat, Hamza Naeem, Misbah ur Rehman and Taha Mirza make up the rest of the top ten in division A that consists of all international players.Division B saw a much closer contest on the opening day with the top three players on seven wins each and only the difference of spread separates them. Zehra Zaim is on top with a spread of 705 to go with her 7 wins while Bilal Asher and Azlan Qazi are on 2nd and third with spreads of 559 and 375 with 7 wins each.Shan e Abbas, Mahrukh Zaim, Rumaisa Waseem, Kamran Ahmed, Hamda Adnan, Manamah Mukarram and Huzaifa Faisal occupy 4th to 10th positions.Nine more rounds will be played tomorrow. Team Pakistan will be announced at the end of the tournament.